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R. Michael Brown: Marketing & PR Consultant – All Media

Mike has a proven track record of bottom-line results in launching and building brands; generating positive press; producing high-impact & award winning information products, planning ahead and managing crisis; and using research and analytics to increase qualified traffic, prospects, and sales in the B2C, B2B, and B2Govt marketspace.

He is an internationally published & broadcast writer, producer, speaker, and integrated marketing & PR consultant at Brown Ltd.

Bragging Rights
Pioneered multimedia and web communication and was the first multimedia producer at IBM.  Blogging since 1987.  On the Internet since 1983.

Selected Accomplishments

– Re-branded & re-launched the 1944 founded Palm Beach Civic Association in the Town of Palm Beach in 2008 increasing the number of directors, members, and creating a major influence in the community. Over 52% of this exclusive town reads my news every week. Example: “This Week in Palm Beach”

– Introduced ROI measured traditional and new media mix to Pulte Homes Florida and saved $14.6 million over five years 2003-2007.

– Used public relations strategy to re-brand DiVosta Homes into 86% brand awareness – a household name – and #1 JD Power National Award recipient four years in a row 2004-2007.

– Introduced web, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, database marketing, blog, viral, and buzz marketing and Public Relations to Pulte Homes with sales process, sales training, and measurement system. Cut marketing cost/house from $7K to $1.8K (2007).

– Launched Nextel from Motorola in 1995.

– Led Premier of China Visit Marketing / PR Program in 1999: $1.2 billion order.

– Business Week Magazine Product of the Year: 1997, 1998, 1999. Product of the Decade 1990’s – all for Motorola. Managed submission campaign and media.

– Created World Wildlife Fund-Motorola PR Program. Won CEO and WWF Presidents Award.

– Produced IBM-Vatican multimedia sales program: $50 million sale in 1994.

– Won 1989 New York Film Festival Award for IBM multimedia program that showed the future of the web and multimedia.

– Wrote, edited, and published the book Introducing Ultimedia through IBM Press.

– Launched multimedia brand at IBM in the 1980’s. Press from ABC, NBC, Discovery, top trade press.

See more at: About.me/RMichaelBrown

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