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R. Michael Brown Speaking About Marketing and PR 2.1

I’m going to be speaking and showing a presentation at Christ Fellowship (Royal Palm Campus) this Saturday to the Christian Writers Group on Marketing and PR 2.1.

I show how to use media to achieve your organization’s marketing and PR goals.  A big focus is on Brand Journalism and publishing.

A dramatic shift toward one-to-one communication is happening.  The net makes it possible.  Now it’s digital first.

Social Media is part of the mix:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Hosted by Natalie K. Rodriguez of Word Weavers of Palm Beach. More info and RSVP:

It’s free and I hope you can attend. Please let others know about this event if you think it might help them.

The First Blogs and Bloggers?

Blogs are considered to be a relatively new phenomenon in the last 20 years.  But are they?

In the 1500’s through the 1800’s, Ben Franklin, Samuel Sewell, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, and many others published what were called pamphlets – short small booklets with their news, ideas, and opinions (their content) about contemporary affairs.

Sounds like a blog doesn’t it?

There were thousands of these printed. In one reference they have more than 15,000 titles: Pamphlets in American History

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“I was the first multimedia producer at the IBM PC Division. One of my roles was managing editor of one of the first professional blogging groups – 15 full-time freelance journalists that wrote about our products, services, and customers – in 1987.  The first brand journalism group that I know of.

We published on Internet Newsgroups, Forums, and Weblogs. Some of the content was used in an old medium: print [press releases… plus brochures, magazines, newsletters, and product packaging.]”

Brand Storytelling Works

Brand storytelling, sometimes called brand journalism, works for corporate brands, non-profits, products, services, etc.

People want information, both good and bad, and they remember it if it’s told to them as a story. News organizations focus on conflict and bad news.

“There is a lot more information that is relevant and interesting to readers and customers than just bad news.

Tell the good news using a journalistic style, add a bit of conflict or potential bad news, and you have a winner.

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Brand Journalism Stories for Icom-America

Brand Journalism writer R. Michael Brown from Brown Ltd. continues to deliver cover stories for Icom-America.  

The latest are about government public safety mutual aid in Washington state, a community police program with over 10,000 volunteers in the country of Colombia, and he just completed a story about Jonathan Trappe and his recent record breaking cluster balloon flight over the English Channel.