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Big Hit: Civic Association 75th-Year Multimedia History Project

We completed the 75 Year Anniversary History multimedia project at the Palm Beach Civic Association and showed it at the association’s Annual Meeting at the Flagler Museum in the Town of Palm Beach.

It was a big hit and continues to get rave reviews!  In fact it’s the #1 viewed article/video with over 17,000 views on Facebook and the Civic Association website and Palm Beach TV.  In a town with only 10,000 residents that’s a great view rate!

I’m the Director of Communication for the Civic Association and writer and producer on the project; but, nothing great in media comes from a single person. See the video and credits below.


Writer | Producer:  R. Michael Brown (Yes, I’m still the “Front Man for the Crazies”)
Camera 1 and Post Production Editor:  Philip Baldwin
Camera 2: Stephan Nilson
Research and Article Writer: Michele Dargan & R. Michael Brown

Article and Video Including an Extensive Timeline


Video News Taking Over Social Media

At the Palm Beach Civic Association, where I’m the Communications Director, I started writing and producing a weekly news broadcast about the Town of Palm Beach.

Because of social media, it has become wildly successful.  We’re getting over 12,000 views a week.  That’s right, an island town with only 7,300 physical addresses and 5,800 registered voters, is getting more views than the population of the town.  Here’s a sample:

This Week in Palm Beach | 6-15-2018 Edition from Palm Beach Civic Association on Vimeo.

You can see all the weekly news broadcasts by clicking the link below:

Civic Association This Week in Palm Beach

The Everglades Used to Have a Heartbeat – It Doesn’t Anymore

In 2017 the Everglades Foundation was promoting a campaign to pass major legislation to restore the Everglades.

As the communications director of the Palm Beach Civic Association, a Foundation partner, Mike wrote and produced the following to help inform the public and win passing the Florida state law. It worked. The law passed and thousands saw this media.

Click to see the article written by R. Michael Brown


Elementary School Students Working in Real Florida Environmental Lab

Preparing orchid seeds in the lab.

Preparing orchid seeds in the lab

Florida Atlantic University graduate students, Melissa Courtney and Suzanna Musalin, work with elementary school students in the FAU Pine Jog Community Laboratory (CoLab) propagating native Florida wild orchids.

See More Photos and Info

My Mentors When I was in High School were Rocket Scientists

Mike Brown JA Presentation w=300Where could a student in elementary, middle, or high school get a mentor that is a rocket scientist, a CEO, or highly paid professional?

In Junior Achievement, that’s where.

During my high school years in Orlando, JA had a program led by volunteers that helped students form companies, create business plans, manufacture a product, and sell it. They were small businesses in action.

My mentor/volunteers just happened to work at Cape Canaveral and Martin Marietta. A couple were business guys but others were actual rocket scientists.

We formed a couple of companies made up of 10-12 students each in my years with JA, manufactured some products, and sold them. Both companies were successful – we generated a profit. Each company competed against the other companies in the same program to try and make the most profit.

JA is still doing that program and many more. What I learned from JA got me started to think like an entrepreneur; made me a better employee during my careers at IBM, Motorola, and others; and I’m still using the fundamental principles taught by this remarkable organization in my consulting business, R. Michael Brown LLC.

Today I had a chance to take the Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast Junior Achievement staff through my Digital Marketing and PR 2.1 presentation.

Support this super organization and watch them grow as they continue to engage the market and help students!  Follow them on:



Twitter: @JAofPBTC


Brand Storytelling Works

Brand storytelling, sometimes called brand journalism, works for corporate brands, non-profits, products, services, etc.

People want information, both good and bad, and they remember it if it’s told to them as a story. News organizations focus on conflict and bad news.

“There is a lot more information that is relevant and interesting to readers and customers than just bad news.

Tell the good news using a journalistic style, add a bit of conflict or potential bad news, and you have a winner.

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