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One of my specialties is creating feature stories (in all media – print, web, TV) about products or brands in uncommon environments.  It’s called “Brand Journalism.”  Some of these stories are included here.

Icom Magic for Amangiri

By: R. Michael Brown, Special to Icom-America News

To say that the new magnificent Amangiri resort in Southern Utah is isolated is an understatement. The resort collects guests from the nearest airport in Page, Arizona with one of their fleet of BMW’s.

As one visitor of the $800 – $3,500 per night suites said, “We arrived in the middle of the night, greeted by not one, but two Aman staff. The entire resort was bathed in candlelight, dozens of lanterns artfully cascading light along the graceful grand staircase.”

The daylight reveals rooms made of solid concrete, ph-balanced and treated to match the patina of the surrounding cliffs and canyons. They are like square luxury caverns looking out at the Southwestern desert.

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Email News, Marketing, & Public Relations

Brand Journalism
Producing content that is news, looks like news, and sounds like news always results in more opens, clickthrus, a growing email distribution list, and qualified traffic and leads.

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Promotions Work
Weekly or periodic promotions keeps your brand and offerings fresh in the minds of your email list.  This “Floor Plan of the Week” campaign resulted in more traffic to see the models and options.

Olympia: Another Community, Another Successful Promotion
The “Floor Plan of the Week” campaigns work especially well with inventory homes that are completed or near-complete.



Mobile Technology Example: Go!


About The Palm Beach Civic Association

We created a complete integrated strategy with web, email newsletter called “This Week in Palm Beach“, direct mail, events, and more to turn this brand around – attract more directors, build membership, and become one of the main news sources in town.

Copywriting: The Palm Beach Civic Association is dedicated to ensuring the Town of Palm Beach retains a special quality of life that matches its reputation. Founded in 1944, the Palm Beach Civic Association provides timely publications, bulletins, and updates; stimulating forums, receptions, and community-wide events; and meetings with elected officials, consultants, and town staff. The Palm Beach Civic Association plays an important role in preserving and enhancing this exceptional island community.

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